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Jay Reid

Jay has collected Civil War swords and related antiques for over 28 years. He has displayed his collection at various Civil War shows and has won recognition for his displays. His main collecting emphasis is Civil War Swords and identified items of Pennsylvania origin. Jay is known throughout the hobby for his selection of edged weapons with an emphasis on condition. Jay also is a participant at major Civil War Shows around the country. His passion for the Civil War has led him to establish this website for fellow collectors to study, preserve, and acquire historical swords and Civil War Antiques.

Kevin Hoffman "In Memory 10/23/16" Kevin, you will be sadly missed, not only in this hobby but as a loyal husband and father. One of the most "honest" and "fair" person I have ever had the privilege to be associated with. Many thanks Kevin for the over 50+ years you have contributed to this hobby.

Kevin Hoffman is an acknowledged expert in Civil War Swords and has been an avid collector since childhood.

"Kevin is a major Civil War Collector & American Sword collector who has been involved in civil war artifacts for 50+ years. Life member and past Director Forks of the Delaware Antique Weapons Association. He has worked with Bruce Bazelon, (Department head of the State of Pennsylvania Museum Commission) as well as authenticated artifacts for auctioneers and appraisal services. He has done appraisals for the National Park Service and worked with museums such as West Point, The State of PA Museum, Texas Civil War Museum in Fort Worth, etc. He has consulted on behalf of many others."

"He has appeared on a History Channel feature for supplying the information to recover over 3 million dollars worth of stolen artifacts from the Historical Society of PA."

"He has authored the ebook - Swords of Honor and Regulation showing more Union and Confederate swords in detail than any other publication."

Jim McCoy

Jim McCoy has collected Civil War edged weapons and related items for over 15 years. His primary collecting focus is Cavalry Officer Sabers and Pennsylvania identified / presented swords and sabers. Jim has consulted, presented and lectured on Civil War edged weapons at several museums and universities in the Philadelphia area. Jim is also a participant at major Civil War Shows around the country.

Gary Wolfer

Gary Wolfer has collected Civil War Memorabilia for over 45 years. His great aunt was responsible for his passion towards the Civil War. Her grandfather served during the Civil War and Gary's collecting took off from there. His collecting emphasis is on identified items from Schuylkill County, PA. He is considered very knowledgeable about Schuylkill County history and the associated regiments that fought during the Civil War.

Alan Genetti

Alan has been collecting swords for over 15 years. For him collecting swords is more of an obsession than a hobby. He collects Statue Hilt Civil War swords and rare enlisted swords prior to 1865. Alan has recently donated his General Burnside identified sword to the Museum of Fredericksburg for their 150th anniversary celebration.

Dr. Charles Petrillo
Born in the patriotic Civil War town of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. , Charlie grew-up on such streets as Hancock, Sherman, Dana, Meade, and Sheridan Streets. But it wasn't until his Dad took him to Gettysburg in grade school did he really catch "The Civil War Bug." Ever since that time Charlie was an avid collector of Civil War Memorabilia for the last 50 years. Eventually, Charlie specialized in Civil War Officer Presentation Swords especially from the Tiffany and Company Maker. He has received numerous awards for his sword exhibits most recently being awarded " BEST OF SHOW " from the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association on the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. That display included the Presentation Sword of Wilkes-Barre's own Colonel Edmund L. Dana of the 143rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry which he actually carried during the Gettysburg Battle. Charlie still maintains an ongoing interest in the history of Northeastern Pennsylvania and its role in the Civil War.