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We accept payment by personal check, cashier's check, and money order. In the case of payment by personal check from persons unknown to us,the shipment will be delayed until the check clears. Payment is expected within seven business days from the date of the order, otherwise the item will be returned to inventory.

We will accept returns if there is a problem with our description or our photos do not show a defect. We try to be very thorough in our descriptions and pictures of an item, pointing out all of the faults. We want you to be aware of any problems that exist. That helps us avoid having to take an item back. If we did not describe a fault in the description or lacking in the description that the fault is not shown in photos of the item, then we will accept it back, as that is our fault in not describing or photographing it. You have a week from delivery to notify us that you are not happy with the item and want to return it. It has to be returned in the exact condition that it was sent.That means no alteration of any type, no polishing, no cleaning, no changing the item in any manner, no damage. We will refund the purchase price only. You have a week to inform us that you do not want the item and mail it back to us. That means you do not get to sit on the item and send it to us more than a week after you notify us that you don't want it. That means we receive the returned item in a timely manner and that allows us to put it back into stock as soon as possible.

Lay-a-ways are available for items priced over $1,000.00, with 1/3 due with the placement of the order, 1/3 in thirty days, and the remaining 1/3 in another 30 days. Item will not be shipped until it is paid for completely.
Shipping will be by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail with tracking and UPS with tracking (Swords), which insures delivery for us. We have had customers claim that an item did not arrive and Priority Mail with tracking eliminates that problem. Insurance is required for items over $500.00.